T100 Ground Cover

RootBarrier® Ground Cover T100 is a nonwoven made from 100% polypropylene. It can be placed under e.g. gravel, loam or wooden decking to serve as a stabiliser. It avoids the loss of bedding into the subsoil, and prevents soil from migrating into the drainage system. Ground Cover T100 ensures your construction stays even. It lets more water through than woven covers. There will be no puddles even in heavy rain. As long as the Ground Cover is well covered, it is very durable.

Avoid any contact of the product with all types of pesticides, especially herbicides.

  • Permeable to nutrients, water and air
  • Easy to cut to size and install
  • Chemically neutral, thus harmless to the environment
  • Does not fray
  • Recyclable

For example, can be laid under bark, wooden terraces, artificial grass and tiles.