RootBarrier® Watertapes

A 100% bio-degradable tape based on jute, with a one-sided 100% bio-degradable coating which weighs 240 g/m2. The coating consists of a Superabsorber and a binding agent. In contact with water the Superabsorber slowly dissolves from the tape and migrates to the soil around the tree, ensuring that there is always moisture in the surrounding soil and the tree does not need to be watered as often. All the components are 100% bio-degradable. After ca 3 years decomposition sets in. Depending on soil conditions, it takes ca 5 years for the soil to absorb the product largely.

  • Water buffer, c. 40 liters per m²
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Sustainable
  • Low-cost
  • Available in rolls of 25 and 50 m length
  • Easily and quickly installed

The solution to drought.