RootBarrier® Waterbag

Young trees need to root well and to achieve this, a gradual and moderate influx of water is essential.

The RootBarrier® Waterbag for trees has a maximum storage of approx. 75 liters of water. In about 6 to 10 hours, the water drips from the Waterbag and therefore ensures a slow even moistening of the soil around the tree.

The RootBarrier® Waterbag can be connected by means of the zippers so that multiple RootBarrier® Waterbags can be used per tree.

KING RootBarrier recommends filling the RootBarrier® Waterbag with clean water twice a week.

  • Quick and easy to install: save time, water and effort
  • Ideal for new plantings in urban or shady areas
  • Can be installed after planting a tree - no underground irrigation system required.
  • Water buffer approx. 75 liters, 100% water absorption, water slowly drips through the small holes
  • High water saturation with every filling
  • Good root growth through gradual irrigation of the roots
  • Reusable
  • Handy zipper, multiple waterbags can be zipped together in case of large trees