RootBarrier® RootPanels® Pyramid

De RootBarrier® Pyramid is an innovative solution for trees in confined urban spaces. This tapering root guidance system accomodates natural, healthy tree growth, while preventing damage to the surrounding infrastructure. The tapered shape and robust, fully encompassing root guidance conduct the roots downwards and outwards at a 10 degree angle in a natural way. RootBarrier® RootPanels® Pyramid is manufactured from strong 4 mm HDPE. It has vertical guidance ribs, which prevent flower pot effects. The integrated soil anchors keep Pyramid secured in the soil, unable to be pushed away by tree roots.

Urban trees can develop more healthily and vigorously, enriching their environment without damaging the infrastructure.

  • Fast and easy to install and connect to each other with screws
  • Suitable for new plantings and existing trees
  • To be installed at a short distance from the tree
  • The vertical guidance ribs reliably guide the tree roots downwards
  • The tapered shape and 10 degree angle enable natural root guidance downwards and outwards
  • Higher tree stability through deeper root growth
  • Disassembled components make Pyramid easy to transport
  • The folded top edge of 8 cm prevents tree roots from jumping over it

Prevents damage from roots to urban structures and ensures the stability of trees.