RootBarrier® RollRib®

The RootBarrier® RollRib® is an innovative root guidance system on a roll, made of 1.5 mm high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is 100% recyclable. The RollRib® has integrated vertical guidance ribs that function as a ground anchor, which prevent the (tree) roots from pushing the RollRib® up. In addition, the guidance ribs ensure that roots are guided downwards in a controlled manner.

This system is easy and faster to install than alternative products due to the different lengths of 12, 21 and 75 meters. Moreover, the RollRib® is easy to cut to the desired length thanks to the cutting line that is on every meter of the roll. The RollRib® can easily and quickly be connected with the enclosed screws. Because it has guidance ribs every 18 cm, it can be placed either in a line, in a square or in a circle surrounding the tree.

NEW: With the RootBarrier® RollRib® Modular Building System, it is now also possible to create a large variety of heights and to create openings for the passage of pipes / tubes. 

  • Available on roll with a length of 12, 21 and 75 meters
  • Flexible application: linear, round and square
  • Fast and easy to cut and install
  • Ground anchoring through integrated ribs
  • Suitable for new plantings and existing trees
  • To be installed at a short distance from the tree
  • The 90° guidance ribs reliably guide the tree roots downwards
  • Distance between the ribs: 18 cm, rib height: 2.5 cm
  • Easy to cut to the desired length thanks to the cutting line on every meter


  • Thickness 1.5 mm
  • Sturdy and impervious to aggressive roots and mechanical pressures
  • Resistant to bacteria and most chemicals
  • 100% HDPE
  • 100% made from recycled material
  • 100% recyclable
  • The length of the RollRib® can deviate about 2% under the influence of temperature

International Registration No. DM/099 740

Prevents damage from (tree) roots to urban structures and maintains the stability of trees.