RootBarrier® Arbretio®

RootBarrier® Arbretio® has been developed to simplify underground anchoring. The name merges ‘arbor’ (tree) with ‘accretio’ (growing power). Arbretio® is a wooden wedge made from Douglas wood, that is placed horizontally into the root ball just before the tree is planted. This can be done with simple hand tools. The wedges anchor the root ball and thereby the tree. Because the wedges function like added roots, root ball rotation in the planting hole is minimal compared to other planting methods, greatly enhancing the tree’s rooting and stability. RootBarrier® Arbretio® is 100% bio-degradable and therefore never needs to be removed. After a few years, when the tree is sufficiently anchored by its own roots, decomposition will set in. In due course the product will be largely absorbed by the soil.

  • Quick and easy to install, time-saving and cost-effective
  • Good anchorage in substrates under normal ground conditions
  • Stimulates root growth, allowing the tree to grow a sturdy natural anchor
  • No visible anchoring, pristine look
  • No supporting posts needed (very practical when dealing with cables and conduits)
  • No damage to the stem from tree ties
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Arbretio® does not need be removed
  • Combines well with RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir and RootBarrier® Watertapes
  • International Registration No. 2010336

Anchoring simply and effectively.