DuPont™ Plantex® RootProtector*

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Plantex® RootProtector is a water-permeable root barrier, ideal for horizontal installations such as cycle tracks and forest trails. Thoroughly tested in accordance with CEN/ TS14416, Plantex® RootProtector delivers a high resistance to root penetration and exceeds the alternative perforated or needle punched solutions that are available today thanks to its unique material composition. The water permeability of Plantex® RootProtector ensures a free flow of water in the soil avoiding hydrostatic pressure issues & poor load resistance in wet areas. In infrastructure bases, an appropriate drainage will help to maintain a long-term bearing capacity, for an increased lifespan of the construction. Plantex® RootProtector is available in large dimension rolls to cover extensive areas with fewer seams and faster installation. It is also an easy to shape solution, as the root barrier will fit perfectly to the shape of excavated trenches and ditches.

Further applications:
- Depending on national regulations, it can also be used in Green Roof applications.
- To avoid the spreading of root systems, Plantex® RootProtector can also be used in specific vertical applications, such as in combination with Plantex® Platinium to control invasive and aggressive weeds. The application depends on the specificities of the job site.

  • Water permeable
  • Unique technology
  • Better root resistance acc. To CEN/TS14416
  • Easy to install
  • Can also be installed vertically

The most water-permeable root barrier.

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