Root Ball Anchorage

When planting trees it is important to keep the tree stable, to avoid unsafe situations. An unstable tree can fall down, harming the surroundings or even local residents. After an extensive research project we were proud to add the patented RootBarrier® Arbretio® to KING RootBarrier’s range of products. This wooden wedge, made of Douglas fir wood, functions like a tree root and in doing so boosts the rooting of the ‘real’ roots. In this way the tree is optimally enabled to establish effective anchorage   and because all this happens underground, the tree will present a perfect picture from the start: support stakes are a thing of the past!

The RootBarrier® Arbretio® is 100% biodegradable, in the natural course of things decomposition will set in after a few years. During this process the product is largely absorbed by the soil, so that it never needs to be removed.