Professional watering system for trees in urban areas

When placing trees in urban areas the water supply should be taken into consideration. A dry soil and lack of water can lead to growth problems in young trees. This often happens to young trees and trees that need water frequently. By making use of our RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir the tree can be easily watered but at a much reduced frequency. 

The RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir is placed in a circle around the tree and fixed with the RootBarrier® Connector. In order to keep the system stabile, part of the system is placed under ground (ca. 10 cm). The residual material extends above the ground (20 cm).


The RootBarrier® Tree Watering Reservoir can be fixated underground with our RootBarrier® Soil Anchor and does not need to be fixed to stakes, therefore it can easily be reused. The tree watering reservoir will also stay stable without the soil anchor. If you place the tree watering reservoir on a slope, using our RootBarrier® Soil Anchor is necessary.

For the finishing touch you can choose to use our RootBarrier® Cover Cap. We also offer anti-vandal screws.