Green roof

The new green roof

Ready-made pockets
Sam Groofing® does not create ordinary green roofs, but distinctive green roof pockets. In addition to the regular advantages of a green roof, which include a higher cooling effect, a greater buffering capacity for water, CO2 binding, improved biodiversity and an increase of green experience, the Sam Groofing® Vegetation roof has a number of other specific advantages:

A green roof by Sam Groofing® consists of ready-made pockets that are filled with high-grade plug plants grown at our own nurseries. The sedum varies in leaf and flower colour, leaf size and growth habit. Some species will grow to heights of no less than 30 cm. After one growing season the vegetation will cover up to 75% of the roof. After two seasons the roof will be fully covered. The result is an extremely varied green roof with an extensive range of sedum species.

Construction of the pockets
To guarantee good drainage from the roof the pockets are attached to strong yet lightweight drainage panels, 2.5 cm in height. These drainage panels are made from reclaimed raw PCW (Post Consumer Waste) and are in their turn fully recyclable at the end of their lives.

The bottom of the pocket consists first of a layer of RootBarrier® HydroGold. This is a special version of the DuPont™ Plantex® Gold root fabric. In addition to its function as a root barrier, it also provides a water buffer of as much as 1 to 2 liters per m2 thanks to an added layer of needle felt.

The pocket top consists of an irrigation fabric that the sedum adheres to and grows on extremely well. The pocket’s compartments are filled with Perlite and nutrients. Through incisions in the top fabric c. 30 (sedum) plug plants per m2 are planted. This planting density is 50% higher than is usual in comparable systems.


The planted pockets, fixed to their drainage panels, are delivered on pallets. Thanks to the unique construction and stacking method of the drainage panels,  the plug plants can be transported without damage. Before irrigation each full pocket weighs a mere 5 kg. The panels are connected with dovetail joints and secured by means of dowels.

Periodic maintenance
Preservation of a beautiful green roof requires maintenance twice a year. This involves taking out unwanted vegetation and removing dirt that has blown on to the roof – mainly (decomposing) leaves. Bare patches, if any, are refilled with new plug plants and the vegetation is supplied with nutrients that will sustain it until the next maintenance cycle.